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Evolution and change are choices we make not for their own sake but for the sake of progress, growth & better adaptation to a changing world. This is a time of growing challenges. The pace of technology is changing.

Fresh ideas and new solutions are required to meet new challenges and take advantage of opportunities wherever they arise. That's why, we are pleased to unveil a new look and a new identity.

When a totally new image is the best solution, we have the creativity at our disposal to come up with exciting new designs. But the branding invested in our existing image was too valuable to throw away, so the best advice was to modernize and adapt. We have taken all relevant factors into consideration, from the competition to the environments where the image will be displayed, and produced the optimum creative solution.

The restyled globe, which remains the focal point of our new corporate identity, communicates a synthesis of bold and modern entrepreneurial principles, in what we believe is a powerful prominent icon for a new era.

The change in corporate identity reflects the company's commitment to providing a full spectrum of products and customer service to a broad range of important customers.

Sona Textiles has timed the unveiling of the new Corporate identity and Logo to coincide with the completion of 25 years since existence.

A dynamic and confident corporate identity as well as the distinctive logo denotes the company's forward-looking image as well as capturing its quality focus. The new identity is being applied to the company signage, stationery, and as per the implementation plans will be executed & applied in all areas of the company's diverse and widespread operations in its due course of time.

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